How we can help

Training and assistance for QuickBooks

Rhoda provides personalized assistance to help you use QuickBooks effectively and efficiently tailored to your needs. She also specializes in customized set-up and training specifically for your business.

Income tax return planning

Rhoda takes the time to know and understand her clients and their needs. She will expertly prepare your income tax returns. In addition to preparing your returns, Rhoda will review your past and current tax returns, and recommend future planning needs and opportunities.

Income tax return preparation

Rhoda Lauver personally meets with each of her tax clients to understand their documents and situation. Rhoda will ask about possible deductions and credits, the client may not have been aware of. She will answer your questions and take the time to explain the process.

Start-up business consulting

Advising prospective and new entrepreneurs has been a specialty of Rhoda K. Lauver, CPA from the start. What is necessary, what is recommended, and what is unnecessary costs? Rhoda will be happy to discuss taxation of various types of business entities, accounting, and general business information.

Business consulting

Not only is Rhoda K. Lauver a certified public accountant, she has been an employee, has audit experience, and currently is a business owner of a small service business.

Tax & QuickBooks presentations

Expertise has been acknowledged and demonstrated by requests for presentations from IRS for VITA and preretirement, by the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce on income tax planning, and by users of QuickBooks.