Training and assistance for QuickBooks software

Assistance for QuickBooks software

Rhoda provides personalized assistance to help you use QuickBooks effectively and efficiently tailored to your needs. This cost effective advice and assistance will help you efficiently use your resources to achieve your specific business accounting goals.

Set-up and training for QuickBooks software

Rhoda K. Lauver specializes in customized set-up and training specifically for your business. No need to listen to someone teach aspects of QuickBooks that are not needed for your business. Rhoda will first understand the needs of your business or organization and then set-up the functions and reports that you need and prefer. Training will be tailored to your needs.

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Help and support plans for QuickBooks software

New to QuickBooks I have found that initial set-up and training works best if we agree before we begin and contract to insure that set-up and training are complete and you will be able to use QuickBooks independently to post your transactions and prepare reports you need. The time required is estimated based on your knowledge and experience with computer processing.

Quarterly On-call Support Plan

After the initial set-up and training, Rhoda is available on-call to answer questions and problems as they arise. Support plans are quarterly and can be purchased until you feel comfortable using QuickBooks for your recurring needs.

Year-end and Special Needs

After you are comfortable with QuickBooks, special needs may occur, you may need a new report or need to use a feature of QuickBooks, such as payroll, for the first time. Rhoda is available to assist or prepare year end adjusting journal entries.

Problem solving for QuickBooks

Do you have questions about QuickBooks? Rhoda Lauver is here to answer your questions. Posting, unusual transactions, adjustments, understanding the flow of transactions, reports, setting up accounts properly for taxes, Rhoda will help with these questions and any other problems you may have.

Payroll help for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a convenient way for you to prepare your own payroll and payroll tax returns. Payroll is complex because of the number of rules, federal, state, and local that must be complied with. Rhoda will help you set-up QuickBooks to manage your payroll successfully. You may be comfortable preparing your paychecks, but want someone with more experience to take responsibility for properly preparing the payroll tax returns.