Start-up business consulting

"There is nothing I enjoy more than advising an entrepreneur about the options, advantages and disadvantages and requirements of owning and operating your own business."

Rhoda K. Lauver

Start-up Business Assistance

Thinking about starting your business? There is so much to know, where do you start?

Advising prospective and new entrepreneurs has been a specialty of Rhoda K. Lauver, CPA from the start. What is necessary, what is recommended, and what is unnecessary costs? Rhoda will be happy to discuss taxation of various types of business entities, accounting, and general business information.

  • What registrations are required?
  • What permits are necessary?
  • How can I best keep my records?
  • What taxes will I owe?

Rhoda can give you answers and recommend other professionals that you need to consult.

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